Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bizzare phantasy

Good news: a child is born! Dorin & Lia’s baby girl – we just learned – was born yesterday. By the way, last night I had this SF-like mental picture: the four of us were in Taiwan, where Raluca is now. We were chatting on a hill. And there was this pit we then used a shelter, when an unknown woman from a distance started firing a kind of pistol, aiming at an invisible target in the horizon. The result was astonishing: a high speed jet, a lightening rod came out of her gun. And then she shot again, and the jet passed right above as – we could see it from the crater. And suddenly we started moving as if our shelter pit turned instantly into a sort of moving vehicle. The noise was deafening. It looked as if we were involved in a nuclear war or something. Then I tried to climb our ‘car’ to see where we were. All I could see from the top was a huge tram garage and I surmised we were somewhere on the outskirts of that Tai metropolis. We clumsily tried to slow down the speed of our vehicle (which was moving on a railway) and dreaded to think what our way back to the city would be like. And then I opened my eyes.