Monday, 23 June 2008

Winged Horses

I was born into a world full of angels and kings

and there was some place to grow and someone to be

and even the horses had wings

and even in the darkest of storms you knew that the sun was still there

and even the horses had wings

it was that special kind of world, with its heart set on laughter

and the sun was meant to be touched and the dream to be after

at the end of each day was the wonder of each night

and even the horses had wings

that was the world that I knew as a child

I can’t believe it’s changed - it’s got to be the world

and somehow we can mend it like it was

we can make it like it was before

when even the horses had wings

I’m dying in a world that will die before death

because angels don’t exist and kings never laugh

and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten I believed that there really was a world

where even the horses had wings

here am I, alone now

...there was something that I meant to do,

but it’s been so long ago that I can’t remember what it was...


(Kathy Bates singing and playing ...even the horses had wings... in the tremendous film by Milos Forman - the first opus he made in the US: Taking Off)

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