Thursday, 29 November 2007

To Sir, with Love

It’s been 21 years since my dear ex-teacher (Aurel Rus) passed away. He had been my French teacher for almost seven years. Unexpectedly he got sick one day (apparently as a result of a chest injury), was diagnosed with a form of cancer which grew into metastasis. I visited him while he was in the hospital – I wanted to see him one more time. He was very weak. We talked about literature and the importance of having reading activities well organized. A few weeks later I went to his funeral. One of the most cynical of my colleagues gave a speech in his memory. I remember that day very well. I hadn’t lost anybody so dear before. For many a time to come I was to believe that he was still alive, I just couldn’t get used to the idea that he was no more, that he had died. I still have difficulties in accepting that people who are no longer alive will only continue to live in the memories of the ones they were closed to. May he rest in peace.

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