Friday, 16 November 2007

Orestia III (Eumenidele)

Kind of cultural event in our city: the performance of Orestia III - a contemporary piece of music for sopranas, tenor and contertenor, mixed choir, sax and marakas (well, it was written in the 1980s) by the Romanian senior composer Aurel Stroe (who settled in Germany in the late 1980s). Strange sounds, indeed, but it had a virtuoso performance by French sax player Daniel Kientzy. Theodor survived all right - he only did his giggling number for a couple of minutes then I guess he dozed off for a while...

...Day and night I keep thinking about the eternal issue very well approached in the Iranian film, Rang-e khoda (The Color of Paradise) by Majid Majidi. Here is what a 7-ish years old child, who is blind, says to the carpenter his father has sent him to in order to learn carpentry:
„Our teacher says that God loves the blind more because they can't see...but I told him if it was so, He would not make us that we can't see Him. He answered, ''God is not visible. He is everywhere. You can feel Him. You see Him through your fingertips.” Now I reach out everywhere for God till the day my hands touch Him...and tell Him everything, even all the secrets in my heart.” It seems there is no other way. Theodor, our 5-ish years old son will have to follow it, too.

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